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Soda Can Whistle

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Let’s make a whistle from an empty soda can.

You’ll need:
  • An empty soda can
  • A knife
  • A straight edge (Optional)

Once I’ve rinsed out the can I smash it as flat as I am able. Here I’ve used the straight edge to help me.

You can see I’ve managed to press the sides of the can all the way together. This just makes the later steps a bit easier.

Using the tip of my knife I score the can and then work the aluminum back and forth until the bottom of the can comes off.

Repeat with the top until you’re left with a wide flat piece.

I trim down the width of the flat piece and then cut off the ends to make two flat sheets of material. Cut one of the strips a bit shorter than the other.

Now, place the shorter piece perpendicular to the longer piece and fold it over and around. This is the first step of creating the mouthpiece.

Now slide the folded section down a bit and bend the end of the longer piece over the folded shorter piece. You’re nearly finished…

Bend the longer piece at the inside edge of the wrapped shorter piece and then use your fingers to make the rounded body shape for your whistle. You’re done other than some final tweaking.

Hold the whistle so that your fingers seal up the sides and make sure there’s a small (1/4″ maybe) gap between the moutpiece and the edge of the body.

Like this.

You may need to use a piece of scrap or your knife to open up the top fold of the mouthpiece to allow enough airflow. This is just one more step in the tweaking process to get the most out of your whistle.

This whistle really does work and it’s a good alternative to shouting should you become lost in the woods. Sure you need to find an empty soda or beer can but, sadly, that’s not a terribly difficult thing to do these days.

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