Charlie Edmondson 1095 Chopper

It’s here! The blade I grabbed off of Bladeforums is finally here!

The box arrived via FedEx this morning and was taped up securely. I quickly pulled my Moose (does that sound just so wrong to anybody else?!) and went about “skinning” the box to get at the goodies inside. What I found was an 18″ zippered case with a broken zipper. It would only open about 2″ and I couldn’t get the teeth lined up for the first minute or so to get at the knife inside.

Talk about frustration. Finally I got it fixed. Then I realized that Charlie had put a cork on the tip of the blade to keep it from poking out during transit but it had been jostled loose and the tip of the knife had punctured the zipper pushing the teeth out of alignment. It also looks like the tip has been flattened just a hair but nothing that won’t sharpen out the second or third time around.

Anyway, here are the specs:

Hand forged 1095
5/16″ thick at the base of the guard tapering to the swedge
8.75″ blade length
5 3/8″ handle
21 oz. / 592 g
Bocote handle

(Click thumbnails for larger images)

The initial impression is very good. I really like the handle and it reminds me of an axe handle quite a bit. The swells really fill the hand and are right where I’d want them. The extra length is nice too because I’ll be able to bring my hand back for extra power when chopping.

The rough forged finish on the blade really strikes a chord for me. I like the pitting and roughness that says “Hand Made” and there is a nice faint hamon on the blade from the heat treat/tempering process. I’m sure the blade will patina nicely as I use it more and more.

Fit and finish on this piece is excellent. There are no gaps or rough spots where there shouldn’t be gaps or rough spots. The spine is nicely squared and throws a shower of sparks from my firesteel. The swedge isn’t sharp but could be very quickly with a coarse stone. The edge is sharp like an axe and is probably ideal for heavy chopping but I think I’m going to refine it a bit more once I’ve used it the way Charlie set it up.

Now, I’ve got to get in touch with a sheathmaker. Got any recommendations? :)

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