Fehrman First Strike Sheath Pictures

Well, he’s done it again. Mike Billman of Grindstone Cutlery has sent me another Box of Awesome and this rig was in there. If I were to rate them, I believe BoA 2 was actually more awesome than BoA 1.

The Fehrman First Strike is an awesome end of the world (EoTW) type blade to begin with but Mike’s kydex has made this the knife to grab in a Red Dawn type scenario. I’ve got a firesteel, cordage, and an extremely tough and extremely sharp tool at my disposal. I can use the ranger band for emergency tinder in a pinch and I could easily mount a Photon Microlight on this sheath like I’ve got on my Fallkniven F1 sheath.

The same box (the actual BoA) has gone back and forth now twice and will be headed back to Fort Wayne as soon as I can find more tools to send Mike’s way. He’s having as much fun coming up with sheathing solutions as I’m having playing with the finished goods.

The First Strike is a phenomenal setup but it’s STILL not the most awesome thing I’ve received in a Box of Awesome…more on that in the near future. :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. Jonathan says:

    Hey B,

    Love your site. In fact, on your recommendation, I have contacted Mike at Grindstone, and he’s working on some custom stuff for me right now.

    I was just wondering what the most awesoe thing you’ve gotten in a Box of Awesome is?

    Waiting on the edge of my seaet to find out.


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